Monday, November 2, 2009

Danish Hot Dogs

Copenhagen is home to some of the greatest hot dog carts I think in the world. The Polser the the original fast food of Copenhagen and the carts are everywhere.The traditional Danish hot dog is a seperate sausage with a roll that you dip into a blob of mustard or Ketchup.

But to me a Danish hot dog is the baguette like bread pocket filled with mustard and mayonnaise that perfectly fits a long skinny hot dog.Which is ingenious because you can put as many condiments as you like and it's very neat and you can walk around.

All the hotdog carts toast your roll, have 3 different kinds of mustard and you can get a side of pickles and deep fried onions. I'm craving one right now. The best part is that you get to stand in line with these beautiful Danish supermodel looking people who are also getting a hotdog.


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mere musketeer said...

So right! Best hot dog carts(open very late, like the bars) and the most beautiful people I've ever seen. I was there in January, it was freezing cold, but I still had a great time. Also check out Lousiana, their modern art museum. One of my favorites.