Sunday, March 16, 2008


How did I ever miss eating at Southwark?

Is it because it's been there forever? Is it because it gets overshadowed by the 4rth Street Famous Deli? Is it because I get a hankering for Coquettes pate whenever I'm in that area or The Royal Tavern's Nachos?

I dunno but I'm an idiot because this place is a winner on all accounts.

I greatly admire a damned good bartender and service. Anyone who can make a good cocktail, be knowledgable about your food and can do it with casual attentiveness and wit gets all my money. We got drinks we normally never get because no one knows how to make them well anymore. Like a hot toddy with a lemon spiked with cloves and just a hint of honey. Or a an old fashion, if anyone gets the gin fizz please let me know how it is.

The food is no less awesome. A farmers cheeseplate that made me tear and desserts that made me want to give up a first born.

All this wrapped up in the most beautiful old dark wood bar with the always flattering type of bar lighting.

701 S Fourth St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 238-1888

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