Sunday, March 23, 2008

Korean Air, I don't write with circles and squares

The flight attendents on Korean air are beautiful. They are all women, who wear starched hankerchiefs and are reed thin with perfect make up on. It's like being on a Korean music video. Korean Airlines won a Mercury award for best airline catering, which doesn't mean much to me in the real world but I have to say was the best airplane food I ever had.

The best and worst part was that they bake these fresh cookies, so everytime I fell asleep the smell of cookies would wake me up again.

Here are pictures of my Korean Air Bi Bim Bap lunch. I love the special tube of Korean Spicy Bean Paste.


hawk krall said...

that's airplane food???? I thought the tube was toothpaste at first. awesome.

Anonymous said...

i'll do an imitation of the flight attendant announcement when u get back