Monday, March 3, 2008

IN -N-OUT Burger

So I was just in San Francisco for a fun little weekender. Now San Francisco is a total foodie town, I am sure there is much better food to have been had in North Beach. However, we all just wanted something bad, yet oh soooo good. IN-N-OUT burger is a staple of the west coast. A Double-Double (double meat/double cheese) is nothing short of magic. Make it "animal style" and you have created one of the best burgers, with every fixin imaginable, from pickles to special sauce. You can only eat here maybe 1-3 times a year, but that is about how often I get out to the West coast. Now off to the treadmill.

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Becky said...

There are two foodgroups my BF stays away from, vegetables and fast food. So, he totally didn't understand when I typed In-N-Out into our GPS when we were on the west coast last summer. I was so psyched to finally try it out. well worth the hype and I totally took pictures to document.