Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Over the top comfort food from the former chef of Lacroix. The kind of things cooks dream and joke about making but they can't because all their customers are 80 year old ladies from the main line.

The already infamous foie gras poutine was decent but seemed a little bit too refined for such a guilty pleasure. But the KFC sweetbreads were delicious. Breading that really tasted like fast food but fancied up with light pea risotto. Smoked buttermilk pierogies so good we ordered a 2nd plate.

Fried oysters, tater tots with with green goddess dressing, bone marrow... all really good, and the vinegar chicaharonnes were insane, crispy on the outside and an explosion of filthy hot squirting fat on the inside. We were drunk and ordered a side of carmel sauce to dip them in. Delicious. Great desserts too. Ricotta Doughnuts and some sort of apple crumb cake served in a skillet. Super homey but still kinda modern like everything else on the menu.

The only thing we didn't like about this place was the awful house music they were pumping in. I can't understand why a place with food this good has to go for the douchey old city dance party vibe.

Oh and the 14 dollar fancy cocktails were actually really good. Not usually my thing but the grapefruit / poppy seed drink is perfect for this 100 degree weather (and not as sweet as I expected). And for a restaurant only open a few days (we went the 1st weekend) It ran like a place that had been there for 2 years. Also awesome that the kitchen is open 'til 1am.

5th & Bainbridge

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Kris Chau said...

This meal was amazing because all of the DFF bloggers were present and eh-hem. Have different palette memories. The pickled kool aid watermelon i loved, and actually the fried oysters were my favorite with the relishy sauce it came with. I need a little acid with my fat and i regret not getting the fried chicken.....