Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Water Ice for Days

One day after work my friends Steve and Bunny took me out for water ice at Italiano's. Steve told me he grew up around the corner and would see the old italian men squeeze lemons into buckets for the lemon water ice.
It's still made that way today and its magical. It looks exactly the way you want a water ice place to look with the all the signs and and a little window. I love that they have the italian gelati which is coffee ice cream in hazelnut water ice, AMAZING, fit to be a high end restaurant "ironic" comfort dessert. Bunny got watermelon, which was amazing and actually tasted like watermelon rather than bubblegum, Steve got pina colada which had a pineapple on the bottom, and my favorite was vanilla.
You know how you always want vanilla extract to taste how it smells? Well Italiano's vanilla water ice taste the way vanilla extract smells, awesome!
Italiano's Water Ice
12th and Shunk St.

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Philly Phoodie said...

That water ice looks legit. I am going to have to hit that up. I am over John's.