Sunday, July 11, 2010

Artist Series : Martha Rich

Hot Damn, Martha Rich. I love this ladies work, subject matter, and hanging out with her. Martha's paintings of food make me hide in my house with a bag of Mcdonald's or make me want to eat frosting out of the can, the really really pink kind. Plus her drawings of ladies hit a special soft spot of mine when it comes to the lady subject matter of vintage underwear. So basically Drawing For Food might be Martha Rich's biggest fan.

DFF:Whats your favorite deadline snack?
MR:When I am on deadline I forget to eat.

DFF: Whats your favorite food to paint?
MR: cakes, lobsters, weeners

DFF: Whats your favorite meal in Philadelphia?
MR: Special #8 at Cafe Nhuy. I am still exploring. Being in grad school often means eating from trucks. I like the Magic Carpet Truck and the Buttercream truck. Philly needs more awesome food trucks!

DFF:Pudding Pop or Pudding cup?

DFF:Whats your " I'm gonna impress" Dish?
MR: Either Scrumptious Spanish Chickpea and Chorizo Soup or Roasted Chicken Breast wrapped in Pancetta with Leeks and Thyme (both from Jamie Oliver whose cookbooks I LOVE!)

DFF: HOT DAMN Martha Rich

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