Wednesday, July 14, 2010

La Croix at the Rittenhouse Hotel

For my 30th Birthday Nicki called me up and told me she made reservations for Birthday Brunch at La Croix. Nicki is the kind of girl who always told me if she could live in a hotel, she would. She's that fabulous. She works hard and leisures hard. So who am I to turn down this fabulous gift. I admit I had no idea what kind of food was in store for me at La Croix. I had just assumed because it was the Rittenhouse hotel ( yech carpeting...) that it would be fabulous old lady food. I'm a fool, and it was delicious, and clever.

There was a raw bar, a dessert bar, and into the kitchen lies the goods, a charcuterie spread, and HOMEMADE PORK ROLL with smoked ketchup. Smoked ketchup might be what dreams are made out of, and having it all served by dreamboat kitchen dudes, made the birthday brunch. I would have eaten more but French Champagne got in the way......

Everything was amazing, I could barely get through it all, it's a good thing the portions were small. But here are the highlights:

avacado tart ( a darling mousse-y thing)
some sort of bacon coleslaw situation ( 2 servings please )
deep fried french toast with (gasp) salted toffee syrup
a savory bread pudding ( I missed it but Nicki loved it )
Spicy Bloody Mary Bar
Some kind of baby crunchy croissant
duck pate and that white chocolate mustard
Homemade Pork Roll with Smoked Ketchup ( HOME RUN)
Foie Gras Frosted Banana Bread

Thanks Nicki, it was lovely.

La Croix
The Rittenhouse Hotel
210 West Rittenhouse Square
(215) 546-9000


Mod Betty / said...

OMG deep fried french toast with salted toffee syrup sounds totally delish!

Funny that you didn't know what to expect at the resto and in turn, I was surprised to see the wall of paintings - as that wasn't what I expected to see! Who are the folks? I assume they must be "good" paintings, but the first things it reminded me of were 1. The Museum of Bad Art in Dedham, MA and 2. The paint by numbers painting collection at the Wagon Wheel restaurant in Gill, MA.

You'll love your 30's! I did :-)

Becky said...

YUM! I kinda wanted to take my parents here, and now I feel I must! white chocolate mustard? Fois Gras banana bread? what interesting combinations!