Monday, July 7, 2008


I've been meaning to go back to Cafe Apamate for a while now, i walk past it almost every day. In a city full of overrated, expensive mega-restaurants that rarely live up to the p.r. hype that gets the suckers through the doors, a place like Apamate is a welcome change.

It's casual enough that you could just get a cup of coffee and read the newspaper, but the menu is impressive. We tried at least half of the pinxtos (tapas) menu - sausage "candies", serrano & bechamel croquettes, goat cheese with pistachios, stuffed calamari, gazpacho shooters, scallops, charcuterie plate. And the dulce de leche churros are probably the best in the city.

The food isn't as mind blowing as amada or tinto, but for a small byob with 1 or 2 cooks in the kitchen - and reasonable prices- they do a fantastic job, and you dont have to push your way through a sea of jackasses in pastel shirts & hair gel to get a table.

Cafe Apamate
1620 South St.

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