Monday, July 28, 2008

13th Street

I remember when this part of Philly only offered up Woody's and Sansom Cinema. Now it's all cleaned up with places like Lolita and Grocery.

Which is good if you like to eat and drink. At the strange hour of 4 though most of these restaurants are closed untill dinner. So Brielle and I went into Vintage Wine Bar. We had the most amazing, Brie en Croute and Seared Duck Salad. The Brie en Croute was a chunk of brie wrapped in puff pastry and then covered with carmelized pears. Yummy.

Then we went to Apothecary to sit on the roofdeck. Apothercary has an extensive list of amazings artisan cocktails and they have great service. Being on the roof reminded me of how beautiful Philly was from the rooftop. Our friend Matt said it looked like Spain.

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