Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cafe Con Chocolate

I regret that I forgot my camera, so these pics are off there website, but I will return for pictures!
This place was awesome! Cafe Con Chocolate is a family owned super sweet breakfast lunch place. Not expensive and everything is made there. I had Chiliquiles ( fried tortillas covered in mole....YUM!) and an Omelette and it was delicious! They serve Mexican and Japanese and our waitress Michelle told us her family was from Mexico and her grandfather is Japanese and her grandmother is French. It was the warmest service and everyone in there was great. Oh the tres leche cake is highly recommended.

If you live in South Philly and don't want to wait in line go to this cute place!

Cafe Con Chocolate

On Snyder between 21st and 22nd on Norwood

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hawk krall said...

yup this place is great!
at first glance I was a bit skeptical.. it looked a little too quaint and yuppiefied to be in the same neighborhood as mama's chicken and BBQ... but the food is authentic mexican, and fantastic, and probably the only place in philadelphia that isn't packed to the gills at noon on a sunday morning... which will change soon, Im sure!