Saturday, June 14, 2008

Brioche and Andre

My friend Nick told me that the abandoned looking pink bakery on Morris and Passyunk, behind the Taqueria, had the best croissants. One day I walked by early in the morning and I saw an awesome display of baguettes and piles of giant beautiful croissants. Finally this hot morning I made it a point to go in there, and I am such a sucker for real pastries.

Metropolitan and Le Bus eat your heart out. Andre I think is a one man show almost, bare bones operation of fresh bread and croissants. Peach croissants, pistachio chocolate, almond, plain, fresh fruit, cherry, cheese, and all the fresh baguettes and brioches.


Oh and the peonies are in my house where I ate 2 croissants.

Artisanal Bakery
On a tiny street between where Morris and Passyunk meet, behind the Mexican Taqueria.
Hours are a mystery

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