Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still in the magical land of Copenhagen

Still in the world of Copenhagen with packs of beautiful fresh faced girls book it on cute bikes. And all the boys had light eyes and blonde hair and looked like underwear models.

These were the hot dog carts in Copenhagen. The hot dogs there were really long and skinny and kind of looked liked they were wrapped in crescent roll dough.

The most amazing tomato soup in this beautiful bowl that gave you the optical illusion that your bowl wasn't very full, when it was actually really deep. There was this pretty pesto drizzled into it with a dallop of creme fraiche.

The amazing design at the Ski Petri Design Hotel.

The amazing Nordic Asian Fusion food at the Ski Petri Hotel Restaurant. We started with a panko encrusted shrimp.

Delicious warm bread from a steamer.

Lobster bisque with a cabbage salad at the bottom and lobster dumplings.

Halibut with lobster tempura, over endamame and soy pepper reduction.

Something lovely about a sunny room and tea room service. Again bodum designed tea accessories and the steamed milk!

Most amazing seafood platter (smoked dill salmon, smoked salmon, pickled herring, salmon tartar, jumbo shrimp, and baby shrimp) at the seafood bar at the Copenhagen airport. With a side of creme fraiche and honey mustard. The pickled herring was DEELISH. The Copenhagen airport was the most beautiful and amazing airport I have ever witnessed. They had plastic bags ready for you if you forgot yours, and there was no line anywhere. Crazy, but people were actually nice and polite at the airport.


hawk krall said...

they love the creme fraiche over there huh? its on everything

Kris Chau said...

It really was on everything, they even offered it as a side to desserts. Sorry i think I said amazing like 7 times. I mean I was in Kristmasville.