Thursday, November 22, 2007


in Philadelphia if you wake up with a hangover at 3 in the afternoon and want heuvos rancheros, there's no where to go. not that we dont have fantastic mexican food here - just none that serve brunch to losers that want eggs at 4pm. So thank god for Bonita.

the story goes that the owners of the uber hip Diner in Williamsburg tried some of the food their mexican cooks had whipped up for staff meal - and asked them if they wanted to open their own place.

from the outside, Bonita looks like it could be any other taqueria, I was expecting an obnoxious minimalist decor with giant stainless steel ikea tables and maybe some art jerk's fake mexican jesus painting on one wall. but the hand painted window lettering promising "tacos y tortas" made my day.

the inside is diner style with a long counter and comfortable even when packed wall to wall with europeans and williamsburg hipsters. it's great to see new businesses celebrate the visual and culinary history of their neighborhood ...I can't imagine the same thing happening in Philadelphia when American Apparel and Whole Foods start popping up on Washington Ave.

the chips & guacamole took a while to get to us but I swear to god it was made to order- I dont think my own guacamole tastes this fresh. nice and simple too, not like your grandmothers guacamole with too much garlic, brown avacodos and giant chunks of tomato that break your chips.

the huevos rancheros were awesome - fried eggs, green salsa and that soft mexican cheese on top of tortillas, with big sides of mexican beans and chorizo. if you switched the ramones soundtrack with daddy yankee, replaced the ironic mustache hipsters with real mustache mexicans in metal shirts you could be in South Philly, except with better guacamole and breakfast until 5pm.

Bonita NYC
338 bedford ave
williamsburg, brooklyn

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