Monday, November 12, 2007

Copenhagen, Denmark

Life has been very busy as of late!!! So the food I have been eating has been missing the blog! (and good food has been eaten but will remain anonymous for the time being) I just returned from Copenhagen, Denmark and ate some beautiful food. Copenhagen was like a magical village where it's Kristmas everyday. Everyone was beautiful and so was the food. But no one, I think, does milk tea better than Copenhagen. The milk always came steamed for me to pour into my tea in beautifully designed Bodum dishware.

Most amazing smoked meats selection I have ever seen in my entire life. Complete with creme fraiche and chives to go with your fresh smoked salmon.

This beautiful jug was filled with piping hot coffee and was ready at your table to refill your mug at your leisure. Genius.

More pictures soon and then to Paris!!!

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hawk krall said...

wow that display of smoked meats looks amazing. your going to paris too?? awesome, can't wait to see what you eat there..