Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pumpkin Market

Once on the way home from work,I decided to pick up dinner at Pumpkin Market. I ordered 2 sandwiches. I was a jerk and forgot my wallet at home. Hilary, I think owner of Pumpkin Market, looked at me and said "you're nice, just pay me later." And then handed me bag of food. When you live in Philadelphia, these random acts of kindness redeem to whole damn city.

Plus they have the best frickin' sandwiches and brownies for a good 2 mile radius.

Pumpkin Market
1609 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 545-1173


hawk krall said...

I really need to start eating there more often, since it's about 1 block from my house.

Have you been to the coffeshop on 19th & fitzwater or something that used to be a beauty salon? Looks cool.

Kris Chau said...

yes! me and tim have been there. best latte I've had in awhile. Tim said his coffee was good. they serve tea from Philly's House of Teas. And there chocolate chip cookie wasn't half bad......boy I'm gonna real miss this neighborhood one day.