Sunday, August 19, 2007

Adam's Express

Every day for two years I've walked past Adams Express convenience store without a second thought, until somebody told me they had the best hoagies in Philadelphia. I told this person to go eat some real hoagies, preferably deep in south philly at a place with 4 or 5 fat guys in patriotic t-shirts standing outside.

Then late one night I noticed Adam's was open and got myself a "godfather" (pepperoni, capacola, hard salami, provolone) and it was fantastic. Adam's hoagies come on Sarcone's bread with a perfect amount of meat & toppings, and a wide selection of traditional and not so traditional sandwiches (the "boardwalk" comes with buffalo chicken, hot pepper cheese and thousand island dressing?)

Adams is also a great place to find things like mexican coffee, gourmet chips, and the New York Times. Reasonable prices too...I'm never going to Wawa again!

Adam's Express Deli
1741 South Street
Open Daily 7am - Midnight

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Kris Chau said...

damn you! I wanted to post about adam's express, they went and ordered my favorite brand of store bo cookies, just for me. Man am I gonna miss this neighborhood.