Sunday, August 5, 2007


My belly has been queasy all weekend, but for some reason we decided to have BBQ for dinner.

So me and Tim hauled down to Phoebe's BBQ on South St. It's exactly the way a BBQ place should look. A smokey shack, with kinda charred looking employees and a great looking lit up menu. It's take out only, which is why it's so small.
We order the "BBQ for 2" a mix of pork ribs and rotisserie chicken. The service is fast and nice. We then recieve a 5 pound plastic bag full of meats.
We get home and its really food for 3 or 4. The chicken is delicious, the pork ribs are falling off the bone with a little smokey pink in the middle. The cole slaw is crunchy with a slight bite and the mac-n-cheese is bangin'. The sauce is less on the tomato-ey side and more vinegary, which is delicious.

They deliver too.

Phoebe's BBQ
2214 South St
Philadelphia, PA

(215) 546-4811

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