Sunday, August 12, 2007


New brunch spots are possibly the best thing I think one can find. Brunch is the time to reconnect with friends, rehash the prior night's wild tales, drink a lil' more, and eat the stuff that will send you back to your covers for a mid-afternoon nap. I would like to introduce PRUNE in NYC.
Prune is a cute little spot at 54 E. First St. A small bar and small kitchen produce amazing food for about 25 seats. Vodka's and tequilas sit in giant ice rings on the bar adorned in frozen lemons and fruit. The menu boasts a good selection of Bloody Mary's..and I must say, probably the best one I have ever had. Bloody Mary's are an art, too many over sweetened ketchup laden muck fests that don't have enough horseradish have ruined an otherwise good meal. PRUNE does not disappoint. My selection was "The Green Lake," a basic Mary with the addition of a homemade beef jerky swizzler and an adorable cube of wasabi for that extra flavor. To add an added pleasure to the drink, all of PRUNE's Bloody Mary's come with a beer. A nice lager shot to cleanse the palate.

For the main course I ordered the fried oyster omelet with remoulade. A simple egg omelet with giant fried oysters and a yummy onion-remoulade over top. This combined with some truly excellent homefries made it pretty great.

My brunch mate Chanida got possibly the largest pancake I have ever witnessed. It is one CAKE, covered in fresh blueberries and creme-freche. The cake is over 8 inches across and 2 inches thick. Tasting of delicious vanilla yellow-cake! It is more than one person can handle. get 4.5 fists in the air!

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