Thursday, July 5, 2007

tokyo lunch

I'm living in Tokyo right now and I feel like I'm in a different planet. I get on a train every morning packed with sweaty old men in suits while I stare at digital screens on the wall. The ATM machine near the station read my veins on my hand and gave me my money without my card.

Well, the best thing so far is the AMPM, the philly equivalent of WAWA. I paid about $6 for my lunch here in Shibuya.

The $2 salad with green beans, black olives, crab meat, and roast potatos!
How weird!! But it was sooo yummy.

These rice balls cost about $1 each. I had a TUNA MAYO (tuna mayonnaise) rice ball and Spicy TOBIKO with mayonnaise rice ball today. I love the package.... It feels like paper and it looks really cute. I am enjoying my OL (Office Lady) life after all.

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Anonymous said...

MAYONAISSE RICE BALL...........shudder* everything I ever wanted out of life, in a blob of white.....