Tuesday, July 3, 2007

coney island

rumor has it coney island, at least the important parts of it, are going to be gone after this summer. all these beautiful hand painted signs for hot corn, italian sausages, most of the rides, bulldozed to make way for some crappy yuppie condos or something. so for this 4th of july here's some of my favorite food photos from coney island.

also tommorow is the famous 4th of july hot dog eating contest.

so go check out coney island this summer before it's too late!!

Wonder Wheel
Nathan's Hot Dogs
Cyclone Roller Coaster
1000 Surf Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11224

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saya@Tokyo said...

i was very upset to know that the crazy japanese guy had lost the battle. he had a jaw injury last week and he was only able to open his mouth about an inch wide. and that made the headline of the day here in tokyo. i miss you america.