Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Amanda from Traverse City, Michigan

The following is a guest post from our Traverse City, Michigan correspondant Amanda:

Pearl’s- a little taste of New Orleans….in Elk Rapids, MI
The bloody marys come with a blue cheese stuffed fried okra and a crawfish. The jalapeño cornbread is to die for. Such an unexpected delight just outside of downtown Elk Rapids. I have been vacationing in Elk Rapids for as long as I can remember. Pearl’s has been a vacation dinner tradition since it opened in 1998 and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. I usually go for a fish option (since it’s always fresh from Lake Michigan)…so this night I decided to have the pesto walleye with collard greens and cheddar mashed potatoes. I also picked off of my mom’s meal- crawfish cakes, more collard greens, and sweet potato fries served with chipoltle honey mustard dipping sauce. Over all, Pearl’s get a 2 thumbs up for food and drinks…and an extra high five for such cool décor!

Tom’s Mom’s Cookies-just plain “Yum!”
Tom’s Mom’s Cookies comes from the beautiful town of Harbor Springs, MI…where the ladies look like they just stepped out a Lily Pulitzer catalogs and the boats are mansions compared to my little box of an apartment in Philly. I had one white chocolate cherry cookie and my sweet tooth was satisfied….did I mention that Traverse City, MI is the Cherry Capital of the World?!

Don’s Drive In- the home of the BIG D
Well, this one is another vacation dinner tradition. Located in Traverse City, MI, Don’s drive in is by far, the best burger joint…ever! I always order a kidding burger basket; fries and a loaded cheeseburger (the usual plus fried onions and green olives). The best part is that is comes in this cute little car basket. For all you big eaters out there, the _ pound Big D is the perfect choice. Oh! Can’t forget the cherry milkshakes! They’re made with fresh Traverse City cherries. Must bee eaten with a spoon because the cherries will get stuck in you straw.

Chef Charles- only $1.86 for a slice of pizza and a coke
You can’t find pizza and a drink much cheaper than that! Chef Charles is yet another up north tradition….usually followed by a day on the beaches of Grand Traverse Bay. This place is located in the tiny little town of Elk Rapids right on River Street. If you’re lucky, you will be served by Chef Charles himself. The menu has a wide variety of tasty pizza and salad selections. This also goes good with a cold beer around the camp fire.

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