Sunday, July 15, 2007


For my birthday this year (which is the reason for slow posting) I went out for a duck dinner with 16 of my friends. And then the memory card of my camera got erased.

Sorry no pictures of duck dinner. Don't hate me.

And then my sweet friend Andy, who is from Boston, said she would get me a loaf of bubke when she went back to Boston. Bubke as far as I can figure is an egg based bread like challah, but is filled with goodied like raisins cinnamon and sugar. But, the bakers were on vacation, BUT her sweet dad, fed ex'd a box of it. A box of SIX loaves!!! ( thanks Andy's dad and Cheryl Ann's Breads of Brookline!)It wieghed a ton, or like 6 loaves of eggy bubke bread. It was so amazing I took a picture.

And then my camera's memory card got erased, and all these great pictures disappeared....

Except one picture of a late nite that me, Tim, and Hawk had together drinking. And on this school nite, we came home drunk and hungry, and Tim that genius, made french toast out of bubke! And bacon of course. My apartment smelled like bacon and syrup the next day.

Bubke is amazing on its own, but with more egg and fried, it was like heaven decided to pay you a brief visit, IN YOUR MOUTH!

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