Monday, July 11, 2011

Ride Those Bikes

Friends of Drawing For Food Aaron and Jamie-Lee (who have in the past brought me awesome New England food gifts like Atkins Farm Donuts and Moxie) are currently 10 days into an epic 2-month bike ride across the United States and I'm jealous.

OK well maybe not Jealous of biking 100 miles a day through the mountains in 95 degree heat, but definitely of their route off the main highways and through small towns, and stops at awesome diners, apple orchards and roadside stands.

Food highlights so far have been the "fried mush" at the County Seat - an amazing looking Amish diner in Goshen, Indiana, having pizza delivered to their "stealth campsite" in an abandoned state park, and breakfast at the Steel Trolley in Lisbon, Ohio, with an awesome looking menu that includes 10 different varieties of hot dog that they probably didn't get because Aaron's a vegetarian. Bummer but at least they took some hot dog photos for me.

Anyway I'm psyched to see what else they eat and find as they blow through Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota. Check out for more.

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