Tuesday, May 31, 2011

La Marqueza Taco Truck

Last week, Chau was talking smack on the Garces Guapos Tacos truck, so perfect timing to come across this real taco truck parked near the Art Museum.

I was on the drive home from a failed pre-memorial day Tomato Pie/Hoagie mission, pretty bummed and hungry (place was closed) but this brightly colored soccer ball and skull covered taco truck saved the day.

The carnitas were delicious and tender and unlike some in these parts pleasantly free of gristle. Although the lettuce and sour cream is less than authentic ( "Lettuce?!?" groans my outraged friend from San Diego, who insists there's "no good Mexican food in Philadelphia") it tasted great as did the orange carnita grease dripping out of the end of the taco mixed with sour cream.

And a complimentary bag of homemade tortilla chips. Awesome.

This place gets my vote for real deal Philadelphia taco truck made by real Mexicans. A notch above Taco Loco, but not quite as good as the unlicensed tamale/taco car that used to park on Moravian street every saturday.

No twitter or internet presence I can find (unless it goes by a different name?) but it was parked on 22nd & the Parkway on the weekend, and word is they set up near Phila Community College (15th and Spring Garden-ish) during the week.


Malachy said...

thanks for the heads up on this. after i read yr review i immediately ran out in search... found it parked on 17th down the street from Jamaican D's (the caribbean food truck). the carnitas tacos were awesome! thanks again.

btw in your review you said you tried the carnitas but isn't that al pastor in the pic above? it certainly looks it. i'll have to try it next time i go.

hawk krall said...

Hmmm. I asked for carnitas but maybe they misunderstood or were out of it?

I've noticed that Philadelphia definitions of "carnitas" or "al pastor" can vary wildly, from actual shreds of pulled slow cooked meat to chopped up chunks and whatever else... or maybe it's time for me to stop ordering in broken spanish.. either way not a big deal to me as long as it tastes good.

Nice to hear they are out during the week.. this was 17th & Spring Garden? I want to try some of the platters..

Burger Baroness said...

So happy to see this truck getting some blog love. I'm really glad to have this truck close to my workplace, CCP. I just had the chorizo tacos and really enjoyed them. Don't forget to try the burritos, they are good as well. They are on 17th, south of Spring Garden throughout the week.

Malachy said...

the carnitas i had today looked of the pulled and slow-cooked variety, and not at all the chunks of spicy, orange-hued pork you get with al pastor.

next time i go i'm getting the al pastor...just wish they served it with onion, cilantro and pineapple. i believe they're peruvian which might explain the non-traditional toppings.

re: location - what burger baroness said.

linus said...

If I was to try to find them on Thursday (today), where should I look?

linus said...

If anyone has reason to doubt 17th and Spring Garden, plz lemme know. :)

Malachy said...

17th between sp. garden and callowhill...good luck!

C & E said...

Location is correct...17th between spring garden and Callowhill. The lack of online presence and not being parked at a trendier address is probably the only reason why this truck is not noticed of the Philly food truck blogrolls but the carnitas are excellent.

They changed things up a bit..the truck used to be a dull green and they served nacho-whiz with the chips but the menu changed a bit for the better along with the decoration.