Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer Means Truck Eatin'

I admit, the Guapos Truck is not my favorite. To me it's something to fancy in a guise of a lunch truck. Before I realized it was a Garces Truck ( and I LOVE Jose Garces mind you ) I thought it seemed a little tooo nice, and it was fishy that the people inside weren't excited about the line of people wanting tacos.

And of course its because its not their truck.

What makes a lunch truck so so so great, is that it's cheap, and it's so so so good because the people in it, LOVE their food, and maybe can't afford a restaurant. So you get excited people serving you what they love. it's a whole experience.

With my lunch truck theory said, the food was a little too expensive for what it was, BUT it was delicious and beautiful and made with care. Skip the guac and chips and get the warm corn salad instead and spoon it onto your tacos. YUM.

Corn Salad, Fish Tacos, Chips and Guacomole, and Pork Tacos

This charmer of a place really kicked my crush on summer and Philadelphia hardcore.
Charming, well done, beautiful outside seating and totally loyal neighborhood place. Nothing is better than hot dogs and canned beer in the sweet warm nights of Philadelphia.

Memphis Taproom
2331 East Cumberland Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

La Copine Brunch Truck

This now, is killing the brunch game. These charming charmers Clare and Nicki run this darling little truck every Saturday and Sunday at 2nd and Poplar across from the Standard Tap. The patio area is absolutely lovely and I can't say more about how great of an experience this is.
I love love love supporting people who want to make something awesome happen through hard work and passion. I would do anything for these ladies. They still have day jobs and then work all night long prepping the truck for the weekend. I told them pretty soon they are going to have to quit because the word is out, the food is toooooo goood.

 Homemade Hibisicus Tea and Iced Coffee 

VIP seating.

Homemade breakfast sausage with local pork from Meadow Run Farms. Hash Browns cooked in butter and spicy tomato jam. Killin' the game. Best Hash Browns in the city hands down.

Grilled Homemade banana bread with peanut butter and jam. SOOOOO secret genious.

And with that this summer is too rad.

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i couldn't agree more with your lunch truck philosophy. word up.