Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ja Jang Myun


MinHee, super cute, only buys little kid food at the HMart

Most Genius invention, split bowl

Korean cheezy pasta type thing?


H-Mart tour, this time I was taken to the one in Upper Darby. The actual market was okay, I didn't enjoy it as much as the one in Cherry Hill but the food court was awesome. Here MinHee ordered the Ja Jang Myun split bowl for me, and so far the unanimous answer to the reason for the split bowl, no one could decide between the 2 dishes so the split bowl was invented. True story, asked 2 different Korean people, who didnt know each other, and this was their answer.

This dish is a Korean take on Chinese food, black bean sauce with an al dente ramen noodle, the other side is a spicy seafood soup with the al dente ramen noodle. This dish is hands down delicious. I could eat this everyday any hour of the day and be stoked. Minhee, explained to me that this was super cheap take out food in Korea. This didn't even make me feel gross.

That strange cheezy pasta dish photo up there was like a wierd guilty pleasure I needed to know about. It was duk bok gi, rice cake thingies, covered in this spicy kind of sweet tomato sauce thing, covered with cheese and served with a hard boiled egg. Amazing and delicious and totally guilty. Wasn't the most delicious, but I could see myself drunk really really wanting this.

Thanks Hmart and Minhee.

7050 Terminal Square
Upper Darby, PA 19082

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