Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Burger Joint

I swear Hawk briefly covered 500 Degrees but I can't seem to find that posting. But I wanted to try it out, and I was pretty stoked with my findings. Here's the low down, it's not a chain, it's actually the same owners as Rouge across from Rittenhouse Square.

I was never compelled to eat here because it does look like a Chipotle like burger chain. But it doesn't have the real fast food look of something like 5 Guys and Fries.

It made me think that it would taste like a Marathon Grill Burger by the looks of the decor. Which is not bad, just not something I am looking for.

But I was fooled. It's actually quite quality, local products, and done well. The rolls I'm pretty positive are the Challah rolls from Wildflour bakery ( only because I eat one everyday for breakfast ) They have Birch Beer at the fountain ( super points ) some kind of microbrew ginger ale which was awesome ( not too sweet, mild ginger flavor ). The kicker for me, or table slammer, are the milkshakes. They are made with Bassett's ice cream. This made me very happy. And it was delicious.

The French fries were restaurant quality and I ordered the truffle fries. Delicious, not too truffley tasting and they were sea salted. I also asked for the homemade 'Fry Sauce' and 'Spice Sauce'. Both crazy awesome and at no extra charge. The tables all have- malt vinegar, BBQ sauce, spicy mustard, and ketchup. They were all filled to the top and clean.

Shout out to the BBQ sauce, um it was smokey, peppery, and vinegary but had that yummy glazy consistency I like with BBQ sauce.

Overall, a stoked experience and now my favorite casual burger. Although my medium was a little overcooked but still juicy. I did say that when I got to know them better I would start ordering it medium rare. I hope next time I get more pink.

500 Degrees : A Burger Joint
1504 Sansom St
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Becky said...

I eat here every two weeks. I really like this first it looks small, but after eating it it feels just right. The milkshakes WERE really good, the bbq sauce was too peppery for my taste. love the truffle fries

hawk krall said...

Yeah those truffle fries are GREAT..

I had the pork roll jersey burger which was banging but just a touch overcooked. But a great spot, awesome burgers - super casual and affordable especially being a Rouge offshoot.