Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Much thanks to Jaime-Lee for bringing me back a 6 pack of Moxie from Vermont. If you don't know, Moxie is an ancient soda that tastes sort of like medicine and is these days only found in New England. A lot of people hate it (including New Englanders) which of course makes me like it even more.

The flavor is sort of like Dr Pepper mixed with cough sryup, or something in the bitters family, a relic from the days when soft drinks were sold at drug stores as cure-alls and tonics. Moxie was advertised as a cure for "paralysis, softening of the brain, nervousness, and insomnia"

They tamed the taste down a few years ago so what you get today is basically watered down sellout Moxie. But its still good, and awesome to cook with. Moxie pancakes, Moxie tempura batter, Moxie chili, Moxie BBQ sauce.. the possibilities are endless.

Wikipedia: Moxie
2010 Moxie Festival - July 9th & 10th

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Unknown said...

You can get Moxie at Franklin Fountain!