Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fast Food Style

While we're on the subject of burgers, I ventured out of hot dog territory for my buddy's 30th birthday party last weekend. I'm no expert on the subject, in fact I can't even tell you what percentage of fat was in the meat I bought. Looked like a lot though.

This photo is a prototype I made the night before the party. Most of the ingredients came from the Reading Terminal Market - coarse ground, half sirloin half chuck beef from the Haltemann Family stand; pickles from AJ pickle patch, onions, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes from Iovine brothers; white american and orange colby cheese from one of the other Amish stands.

Then stopped at Acme for about 7 packs of Wonder Bread rolls. (Hey Metropolitan and Le Bus and whoever else- time to add artisanal fast food style soft burger buns to your repertoire)

What really made it was the special sauce, sort of cross between remoulade and russian dressing. I roasted a tomato, serrano chilis, onion and garlic, mashed them up and pushed it through my trusty old busted up chinoise "borrowed" from the kitchen of Brasserie Perrier a few years ago.. (well seasoned with 10 years of red wine sauce and truffled celery root "bisque") all that folded into a homemade mayo, then some small diced pickles and parsley thrown in.

I know "fast food style" burgers are all the rage right now but damn I love it. There's something about the comfort of a thin, loosely packed patty on a fluffy white bun mixed with just the right amount of fanciness that might be the best thing you can ever eat.


Caroline said...

Gorgeous burger! Trendy or not, fast food style is my absolute favorite and the home versions that I've made have been some of my greatest burger successes. I tried out the fake shack recipe recently and it was spot on. Grinding your own meat adds some extra time, effort, and dirty dishes but the flavor is really worth it.

Unknown said...

They were DAMN delicious! That sauce was perfection! Thanks Go I started eating meat in time to enjoy them!

cc said...

I don't know what it is about melted cheese, but damn do I like to look at it...and consume it.

dining room table said...

The burger looks so delicious! So beautiful! I think it is more than a fastfood style!

Kris Chau said...

um that burger was amazing Hawk Krall, yes I agree theres something nostalgic and beautiful about the soft bun and squished in condiments and a thin patty.