Saturday, May 15, 2010

Circles Thai

Circles Thai is around the corner from my house, which in the summer gets kind of wild. My nieghborhood is a mix of Cambodian and Indonesian families, so when it's warm people are always out. Which kind of led Tim to discover Circles Thai Food, which used to be in an old Chinese take out place. The menu is genuinely Thai and really really inexpensive, and its take out only, through a bulletproof window with giant photos of lychees, durian, and mangosteens plastered everywhere. The tropical fruit photos really add to the decor. The food so far is really delicious, fresh tasting, yummy sauces and good sized portions. Noodles will be the real test, I will keep you posted on that.

They have great hours and this is what makes me genuinely happy to be living in South Philly.

***correction, our friend Adam at the Green Aisle tipped Tim off =)

Circles Thai
1516 Tasker Street Philadelphia,
PA 19145-1539
(267) 687-1778
Open Mon 5pm-10pm; Tue-Sun 11am-11pm
Free Delivery


hawk krall said...

YES! I've been wondering what was up with this place.. looks great do they have durian stuff on the menu?!?!?

The Art Cupboard said...

mmm thai food is my absolute fave

Unknown said...

Circles is solid! But I can't take credit. Andrew was the Circles guinea pig. He told me, I told Tim. Pay it forward. Thai food for all!

kitchenplay said...

Remember when it had the less impressive moniker, Plan Eat Thai?

And yes, I still love it!

Lee said...

FYI: They deliver through Grubhub.

hawk krall said...

Tried it today, went total gringo style with pad thai and cheesesteak spring rolls. Seriously better than all the so-so center city thai food.

Cheesesteak spring rolls were fine. I was hoping for a crazy thai twist, maybe coconut milk lemongrass cheese whiz, although the spicy ketchup was right on.