Friday, July 24, 2009

Oyster House

I admit, I liked the old Sansom St. Oyster bar.It was a little dirty and kind of slow, but the happy hour smelts and 1$ oysters really hit the spot. The decor was beautiful like an old oyster bar should be.

But okay I really really really enjoyed my experience at the new Oyster House. I'm actually really glad it's still an oyster bar, it's nice to be able to go and get oysters somewhere in Philly year round. Whoever is running the show is doing a good job. Super attentive staff that is very informative. The antique oyster plates hanging on the painted brick wall offsets the modern stuff which equals, charming. The oystercracker bowls were all filled to the brim as well as the horseradish containers. The drinks were yummy, and they still have 1$ oyster hour from 5-7 weekdays.

The oysters, awesome, served with vinegar and cocktail sauce. The food, yummy not to fancy but well done. The restaurant also was loud and echoey with conversation, which took getting used to but ended up being really fun and pleasant. Made me feel like I was in a cafeteria/steakhouse, in a good way.

Im going back.

Oyster House
1516 Sansom St
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 567-7683


Anonymous said...

The OH is back in the good hands of the Mink Family - the original owners. When you return, seek out Sam Mink and tell him how much you love the change. They've done a bang up job with the reinvention of the place.

Kris Chau said...

ah that makes me happy when a family restaurant is back in the hands of family. hmmm warm.

Becky said...

looks so yumm. I absolutely love raw oysters. And that stack of fries...
so glad this is a block from where i work!