Sunday, January 25, 2009

Katz Deli

I am not the first. I definitely won't be the last. But, experiencing an institution like Katz Deli for the first time was amazing.

From the insane line lead by their own security to the first slap of a piece of pastrami on a plate for you to taste you know you are in for a gut busting hour of power. I got the reuben styled pastrami. Hot pastrami with melted swiss, kraut, and homemade russian dressing on rye. Add a little spicy mustard and heaven has arrived. The half-sour pickles are great, but I am going for full sour next time, more pickle, less cuke.

Amazing food. Historic atmosphere and just a classic New York experience.


Robert Sammons said...

My ex-fiance who was jewish dragged me here. Overrated and overpacked. Give me the Famous on 4st Street.

hawk krall said...

Wow, really?!?! When's the last time you were at famous 4th street? Its changed hands at least once.. not bad just inconsistent. Last time i was there the meat was really dry, all size and no substance.

I've had great food there (4th street) in the past.. but it's also a bit of a tourist trap, unfortunately Philly doesn't have a decent kosher-style deli in center city- I have yet to try Koch's in west philly and the many delis out in the main line & northeast..