Tuesday, January 13, 2009


so I worked with a guy who used to cook at Ansill and always told me that I needed to eat here, especially being a fan of "head to tail" eating. I finally made it and it was fantastic - the food is actually not as crazy as some might have you believe, most of the "offal" dishes are pretty classic and really delicious. steak tartar with cognac, awesome; crispy pork trotter with pickled red onions and purple mustard, really really good.

The trotters (pigs feet) are braised, then the meat is pulled off, mixed with secret ingredients and formed into a sausage shape, cooled and sliced into medallions, then breaded with egg & panko bread crumbs and pan fried.

also had bone marrow on toast and baked eggs with black truffle & porcini mushrooms (wow). my only complaint is that every dish was "garnished" with a giant stack of bread-we ordered almost all appetizers so i guess that's my fault. Anyhow the food is incredible, especially for the price and they are byob (no fee) on tuesdays. also bar menu until 1am all week, which is sort of unheard of for this kind of food in philadelphia.
627 S 3rd St


Drew said...

The pig trotters are amazing! One of the best bar snacks around for sure. The purple mustard is unbelievable.

hawk krall said...

RIP Ansill!
Soon to be yet another Steven Starr restaurant... boo...