Monday, September 24, 2007

We DO good Bayou

On Saturday Tim had a hankering for fried chicken. Being the food nerd that I am, I try to figure out places to eat fried chicken that isn't gross. I think Delilah's Soul Food, Honey's sit and eat, Ms. Tootsies, and I run out of ideas. All of these ideas aren't going to work near my apartment at 9pm. So Hawk suggests Popeyes.

I cringe, but I decided if we do a Fried Chicken Tour of Philly, you gotta start at the bottom. Here's to you foodblog! 12 piece family meal for 20 bucks here I come!

I don't know what's in the chicken, but it made me and Tim shake while we we're eating it. Maybe they were coated in sugar? The biscuts tasted like hockey pucks of magarine. Depending on where you swing that could be amazing. And the potatos and coleslaw we're kinda bubbley on the bottom, I don't know what that means but they tasted okay. The chicken in all its grossness, was delicious. Crunchy and lots of meat.

And the family meal was way too much food for me, Tim, and Hawk.

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hawk krall said...

A million times better that Crown Fried Chicken. Although any fast food I would say beware the sides. That stuff comes in a bag and sits around for days. The chicken sells quickly and is almost fried to order at a busy Popeye's... Damn I want more.