Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Allentown Fair

Livestock competitions, freak shows, blue ribbon onions, redneck t-shirts and most importantly, lots and lots of great fair food. Corn dogs, 'broasted' chicken, Ribs, Ice cream, Toasted Cheese Hamburgers, Cheesesteaks, Tacos & Mexican food, Pierogies, Funnel Cake, Root Beer Floats.

Corn Dogs

Great way to start a day of massive eating. Hand dipped right in front of me, this corn dog was piping hot and delicious. The stand also had Deep Fried Twinkies which I meant to come back and try but didnt have the time - maybe next year.

Pit Beef

A pit beef is a grilled side of beef (not sure what cut) sliced thin right in front of you, dipped in meat jus and slapped onto a hot dog roll with your choice of onions, cheese, ketchup. Similar to a cheesesteak, the meat was delicious but the cheap roll was lacking in flavor and texture - something that makes the beloved philly cheesesteak so special.


This little mom and pop pierogie stand hit the spot. They were super friendly and the truly homemade pierogies slathered in melted butter and onions were terrific.

Chili Dogs

Willie Joe's has two locations in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Nice snap to the dog, with a delicious 'hot dog sauce' style chili.

Best In Show

Along with all the rides & food the allentown fair also has competitions for everything from 'best decorative table setting' to 'best onions'. First prize is anywhere from 2 to 5 dollars. An entire pavillion is filled with people's collections of old junk, homemade cookies, amateur art, prize tomatoes, cake decoration.. all for the public to be amazed.

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Kris Chau said...

are these pictures even real?!!? they are too good lookin' to be real....