Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tony's Shakes & Steaks

On the way home from Brigantine / Atlantic City, so hung over i could barely talk, this place was like a bright shining light of jersey shore heaven.

Roast Pork as good as anywhere in the city, with actual sharp provolone and
broccoli raab. The milkshakes were thick and delicious, made with homemade ice cream. The cheesesteak meat was a little on the chunky side - i enjoy a thinly sliced (but not shredded) cheesesteak meat - but covered in hot cherry peppers it was still damn good.

My only complaint is that they were out of the 6 pack of cheese wiz sliders(!!).

I guess I could have gone back to Atlantic City for $45 "sliders" made from cows massaged by wizards, topped with blueberry ostrich cheese and seaweed marshmallow aoili... or maybe just wait 'til next summer.

Tony's also has burgers, hot dogs, homemade chili, pork roll sandwiches, and about 4000 flavors of ice cream.

Tony's Steaks & Shakes
3107 Atlantic-Brigantine Blvd
Brigantine, NJ

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