Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moe's Hot Dogs still Delicious

Stopped into Moe's for the first time in a while! This a 2-alarm Engine 47 (deep fried) with pepper hash and spicy mustard.

Always forget that they do deep fried hot dogs..definitely the way to go here since the other option is steamed. Yes they serve the dogs on big hoagie rolls which I'm not really into but willing to overlook since Moe's is otherwise awesome.

Good fries too. Not sure if they are hand cut or faux-hand cut but better than you would expect from a corner breakfast and lunch spot. Speaking of breakfast they have corned beef hash which sounds awesome. It's sort of ridiculous that I've never done Moe's for Hot Dog Of The Week... need to go back soon and eat my way through the menu...

Moe's Hot Dogs
Washington & Grays Ferry
Closes early

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