Friday, January 6, 2012

Max's Cheesesteaks

I've been driving past this cheesesteak spot smack in the middle of North Philly Time Square (Broad & Erie) for years and finally got it together a few months ago when we were doing the Best Cheesesteak thing for Serious Eats. Max's didn't make the cut for Serious Eats but this place is really one of a kind.

Max's seems to have a pretty serious following and they are open LATE. These are BIG steaks on a soft roll with lots of chopped, well seasoned meat (but a bit dry) and one of the few cheesesteak joints I've been to where MAYO is a standard condiment. You'd probably be banned asking for this at John's Roast Pork but it's delicious. The whiz comes from a squeeze bottle. Toppings seem popular here with lots of people going for mushroom steaks with ketchup and pepperoni or sweet peppers. North Philly Cheesesteak rules are a whole different thing.

The best part is that Max's is connected to the coolest bar (and home of the largest drink) in Philadelphia where you can sit and eat your steak even if you don't order a beer (but of course you should). The people are super friendly and if you're worried about the neighborhood don't come at night but i bet it's a blast here at 3 in the morning.

Max's Steaks
Broad & Erie

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Anonymous said...

It's so funny to me how the rules change from the "hood" spots compared to normal "white" cheesteak places. Where I'm from (Camden) Ketchup, Mayo and Fried Onions are standard. But that blows the mind of white counterparts in the area.

hawk krall said...

You know I would never put mayonnaise on an italian hoagie but on a cheesesteak it's sort of awesome. Got any good spots in Camden? (Been to Donkey's but that's it..)

Also just found this great article about Max's from Temple's Urban Reporting Lab

Anonymous said...

that cheesestek is already so chewed up it won't matter what you add to the "meat"

"white" cheesesteaks lol you mean non-ghetto

Anonymous said...

The "white" part has nothing to do with non-ghetto or ghetto. Just because a place is in the 'hood' does not mean the hood is ghetto. It's just that establishments where predominately white people eat, the food is made differently. Where you think that cheese steak is "so chewed up", that is the way a lot of black people like it. Having large chunks or strips of steak is less appealing and the onions/seasoning don't get incorporated into the meat well. That's why, in Philadelphia, amongst black people, Pat's and Geno's don't get much play. You will find better tasting, much more appealing looking cheese steaks in the 'hood'. Gooey Looies, Steaks on South, Paganos, and other places is where you will find the real flavor of a Philly Cheesesteak.