Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Broad & Morris Hot Dogs

Thanks to Tim Gough for tipping me off to a hot dog cart that appeared out of the blue. Nothing fancy just some dudes selling hot dogs on Broad Street. The vendor told me they were moving around the corner to Morris (apparently food carts are not allowed on Broad?, or at least that stretch. He also thought I was from the health department after I took a picture ) but they will be there all summer.

My hot dog was sort of gray but the hot sausage was decent. Interesting system of topping your own dogs from plastic deli cups of chopped onions and relish. The meatball sandwich looked good, they do hot roast beef too.

Apparently this corner is street food central in the summer with Cambodians frying whole fish and all sorts of "stands" that are not much more than a flame and a piece of metal to cook stuff on. I really see no reason for me NOT to go out there with a grill and a sack of Sahlen's hot dogs, or maybe one of those awesome German grillwalker suits.

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