Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Atlantic City Dirty Water Dog

After the Atlantic City Beer Festival, half drunk from a few dozen 2oz glasses of Harpoon and Chimay, on my way to losing 30 bucks very slowly by betting 1 cent per spin on the slot machines. Couldn't resist this dirty water dog cart.

Delicious Sabretts dog for a whopping $3.75. The "red onion sauce" was a little sketchy and more like chopped onions in some tomato juice. Not as good as New York, but better than Philadelphia.


Yank said...

Despite the lousy red onion sauce, it still looks tasty.
Hawk, your artwork is great!

Dennis K. said...

The red onion sauce Is very sketchy looking. I heard anyone can by Sabrett cladded equipment and it's not tightly controlled. I'd like that umbrella for my porch myself!