Monday, August 10, 2009

Dinic's at the Navy Yard

Didn't even know this was here! A real steak and hoagie stand smack in the middle of the Philadelphia Navy Yard. I'm assuming it's somehow related to the other Dinic's- the roast pork stand in the Reading Terminal Market (always terrific and one of the best things about the reading terminal) and the tavern on Snyder (never been there..looks amazing, hope it's still open).

Busted up old picnic tables, dockworkers and union guys... you know it's going to be good. Cheesesteaks and Roast beef on the same menu. The chicken cutlet was delicious. Cheesesteak hoagie with longhots was decent, although I hear the hoagies are the way to go.
Lunch only, closes at 4pm!

15 Kitty Hawk Avenue
Philadelphia Navy Yard


mere musketeer said...

i was always upset that the terminal dinic's never had long hots. i love long hots more than my step-mother. fucking whore!

hawk krall said...

still not sure if the 3 Dinic's are related. I'm thinking some generations-old philly feud like the Rick's / Pat's steaks fiasco