Monday, December 27, 2010

Daily News

Check out this article in the Philadelphia Daily News about Drawing For Food and a bunch of other awesome Philly food artists - Mike Geno, Matt & Gina and also Martha Rich who Chau interviewed here a while back.

Great article overall although I cringed a bit at the gratuitous use of the word "foodie" (my hatred of the term a relic of my restaurant days, when it meant "those annoying people out there taking pictures of the bread, talking about Bobby Flay and pronouncing things wrong" which pretty much describes me now anyway).

We also talked about the "Best Of Philly" post that we did in 2008 and basically committed to doing another one, so watch for that in the near future. There's even a video where we ramble on about hamburgers and Chau draws an entire mural in about 5 seconds. Enjoy!

Daily News - How a hot dog led to their food blog

Daily News - Artists' food cravings become savory creations

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