Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is some crazy asian hip movie crap happening, thank you San Francisco, Jane and Frank.

Toyose is where Frank and Jane took me right when I landed in San Francisco. Of course its a hidden Korean Village Bar inside, literally, a garage. Serves Korean bar food, we had Kim Chee Fried Rice, Korean Fried Chicken Wings, and of course Duk Bok Gi aaaaaannnnddd shots of Soju. I felt like I was going to die, but it was of course all amazing and delicious and hit the spot. A little too well.

and it's a garage

and now it's a Korean Village in the country

and its amazing

Jane and I did not get this glass, but Frank here got the lady at the bottom of the shot glass rooting you on

Soju and lemon Flavoring

OH fried egg on kim chee fried rice, stop my heart

Korean Fried Chicken

Duk Bok Gi

And there it is

3814 Noriega St
(415) 731-0232
Open till 2am

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