Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chickie's Italian Deli

Haven't been to Chickie's in a few years, ever since Cosmi's became my hoagie spot.. Still amazing. Just got the standard Italian which here includes Genoa Salami, Coteghino and Mortadella. I love how they just sort of crumble the sharp provolone instead of trying to slice it or something.

Chickie's has also got some new specials going on like a fried tomato & bacon hoagie, sort of an italian fried green tomato BLT.
They're been on plenty of Best Of Philly lists and it's well deserved.

1014 Federal St.

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KingT said...

Looks great, whenever I get to Philly, Im there...the sauce on the fries is pretty common throughout the southside at all BBQ joints and also includes the shrimp and chicken joints...