Monday, February 16, 2009

shoo-fly pie at the pope

The Pope, or 'Pub On Passyunk East' isn't really known for it's food. They have some decent wings and pierogies, and lots of great beer.

So when I stumbled over there in the snow a few weeks ago I was surprised to see this amazing sounding special - Lancaster Brewing Co. Shoo-Fly Porter with a slice of homemade shoo-fly pie. The waitress informed us that she grew up in amish country and made the pie from her great- grandmother's secret recipe or something. And god damn that delicious pie & shoo fly beer was right on.

Maybe it was the snow or the fact that I was already half drunk from some 14% alcohol belgian beer but I proclaimed it the best pie I've ever eaten and talked everyone else at the table into trying it.

Pub On Passyunk East
1501 East Passyunk Ave

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