Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tommy's Texas Wiener

This place has great T-shirts, good lookin' dive-like outside, and a great name. It's probably high on the Philadelphia road food hit list. And its's also right by my house. So while Hawk is running around eating fine dining in his nieghborhood, good ol's South Philly's got my back.
The hot dogs were suprisingly (because I was suspect)delicious and flavorful, since they dress the entire dog for you. I got the Chicago, which included peppers, tomatos, mustard, and relish. I really love how they split the dog down the middle and grill it. Tim got one that had a potato cake in it, yummy.
The inside is also a surpise, with a mini diner look. I love the Mafia and Italian references everywhere.

Tommy's Texas Wiener
1426 Snyder Avenue
Philadelphia, PA (South Philly)
(215) 465-8635


hawk krall said...

YEAH that place is the best, love how they butterfly the hot dogs, they sell them by the dozen too right?? dog with a potato cake sounds delicious. Is it Drawing For Food's 1 year anniversary yet??

Kris Chau said...

1 year! Food party!