Friday, April 4, 2008

Frangelli's Bakery

I'm not a big italian pastry person I admit. The pastries always seem dry or missing something. Sure I love a good Ricotta Cannolli Riccotta Pie, and Tiramisu but it doesn't float my boat the way a tarte tatin does.

It's because I was missing Frangelli's Bakery this whole time. Best Homemade donuts in the city on a daily basis. The Glazed Donut hands down love at first bite. The Twist, light and soft and not to sweet. THe Jelly donut, is no joke, filled with some kind of mixed berry jam concoction. The Crullers, Vanilla and Chocolate, delicious. The cream donuts are just the shell when you get there and they pump the fresh italian custard in while you wait.

I took a picture of the custard donut pumper, the ladies were somewhat shocked I had never seen one before. Where would I have seen a custard pumper? It also pumps the jelly.

They also have fresh sticky buns, spice cake, tea biscuts, and the loveliest looking triangle pound cake with chocolate frosting on one side and vanilla icing on the other.

I will never go to another italian bakery again.

Frangelli's Bakery
9th and Ritner

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