Monday, February 25, 2008

Difara's Pizzeria

So to add on to the recent pizza posts. I hearby claim to have found the best pizza in my life. Thanks to master of the Brooklyn pie, Domenico Difara. Difara's is a tiny shop on Avenue J + E 15th St. in Brooklyn. Difara is a legend first off and won't let anyone touch his pies but him. His son may get to slice ingredients, but thats all. Domenico has pure asbesto's hands, no gloves, he just pulls the hot pizza pan or pie right out of the ovens. If he is sick or tired, they close, no one runs this shop but him. Honest to God, this pizza can ruin you. Nothing will compare for a while. All the ingredients are imported, three cheese per, and Dom snips the fresh basil over each pie. It is utterly amazing and mezmerizing to watch this man work. Totally worth any drive, wait, you may have to endure.


Difara Pizzeria
1424 Avenue J
(corner of East 15th St.)
Brooklyn NY 11230
Tel: 7182581367

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hawk krall said...

Whoa, that looks incredible!