Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I admit I never travel to the West Philly. Even though there are delicious eats there?? So on my date nite, I traveled to meet Brielle at Rx in her neigborhood. Rx is awesome because its in an old pharmacy and is small and cozy with awesome knick knacks. The food is seasonal and yummy. We had chorizo stuffed pork chop on bleu cheese risotto and a pork empanada. But dessert was the kicker, espresso chocolate bread pudding with creme fraiche and creme brulee with pomegranite syrup. There were also too many to choose from, because we would've taken them all.

4443 Spruce St, Philadelphia

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saya@Tokyo said...

i remember there's a really good ethiopian restaurant in west philly... their flat bread is really spongy and tangy and tasty. oh, and the cooking school where you get to eat yummy cakes for super cheap. philly is yummy all over.